My first cry so bold,

Many to hold in those arms of love not so cold. 

The first word led to the happiness sky high,

Wondering what made them cry ‘Oh My’.

Walk and Crawl was all I loved,

Falling apart was not even heard. 

Ran I Ran to the zenith of sky,

Carefree and uplifted were the words I desire. 

Dependant though, worry less was I,

“Heartbreak” and “Pain” were the words I would not even try. 

Rhymes and Play was all I did, 

Never there were situations or people to forbid.

Carefree attitude was what I was gifted,

“Anxiety” and “Awkward” to these terms it was shifted.

Family, care, and love were my surroundings,

Stepping into the society introduced all the new boundings.

“Nightmares” the term never thought of,

“Haunt” is the new word now I can think of. 

Childhood is the best time one can ever have,

Adulthood turned out to be a sharp shaft.

Laughter, play and friends were a part of the hive,

Never thought that pain, sorrows, and breakdowns were to be thrived.

I try reviving that child every day,

To ensure that pain, worries, and sorrows stay far far away. 

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