Today while having a discussion with my family about career and decisions related to it, we went back to how preparations are to be done especially during boards as my sister is in class 10th and while I was talking to her about it, I realized that when I had stepped into the era of class 11th and 12th and even after that, I had faced terrible situations, be it health, school, tuitions and even my mental health and how I overcame all of that and have been climbing stairs at every stage of my life, dealing with a lot of struggles and today sharing those experiences of “risks” and “decision making” with all of you with gratitude in my heart and smile on my face.

You know all of that flashed in front of my eyes in seconds..! and I held myself for some time and I realized that I have been through so much, even then today because of some decisions, no matter how hard it was I am at a far better position than I was and happy. This is one of the things which I am so grateful for; facing those struggles and overcoming them by taking certain decisions which were risky and have turned out to be fruitful for me if not immediately then with time, but they did pay back. Had I not seen that time of pain and agony and had I not understood myself and how I need to work it out, I had not been sharing all this with you and helping you know that if “You Decide and If You Dare to Risk It, Then No Body Can Stop You From Walking Towards What Is Yours..”

I am not sharing this with you to make you feel sad or sorry for me, rather I am sharing this with you to help you realize that no matter how hard it gets, we have the answer within to overcome hardships and we very well know how to crack this hard deal which was offered ‘by many’ and ‘to many’ but we know that we have the key to this lock; and the person who will rise after this pain will be a great tornado of strength, positivity, self-awareness and decision making. You will be so sure of how you are going to lead yourself that even the people who are close to you and have known you for years will be astonished to see a “New You”.

You all are so amazing and a complete box of potential and talent that the entire society tries to pull you down right from a very tender age in order to ensure that you do not see the actual mirror which was there all the time when you were looking and listening to others instead of looking at the mirror which was the truth. But you know what, it is not your fault, I think the conditioning is such that we are unable to look at the mirror, even I couldn’t..! But It’s Never Too Late.

What I wish to say here is that struggles are a part of life though the level might vary from person to person, that does not mean that you stop yourself and beat yourself up for no good reason. Guys, let me tell you that no matter what comes and hits you in life be it emotionally, physically, professionally or any other way, that is not a sign to stop at a point and never move ahead. That is the worst you can do to yourself.

Take some time and wrap yourself in pain for a little while, it is completely OK, but get to know yourself, that how strong you have been all this time and you still smiled, you ate, you went out sometimes, had good conversation with your parents and friends and the best part is you were still alive, which states that no matter how painful it was “You Never Gave Up”..!! and when you get a clarity about your strength and how amazingly amazing (I just invented this :p)  you are and you can do whatever you set your mind to, then you are going to be limitless..! Thereafter, none of the struggles can dare to stop you and hold you at a certain point where you would not move.

The only step here that you need to take is to take the risk and take certain decisions which might sound funny to some and inappropriate to other, but when you know that this will be the right decision for you right now and you are all set to take the accountability of the same go ahead with it, just jump into it and I am damn sure you will crack this pot and come out with great life and ossum achievements that you had dreamt of till today and now have started working towards it.

It is scary, it pops up a lot of self-doubts, it will surround you with limiting beliefs; but you gotta remember only one thing: “That You Are Limitless and Strong” and that is all you need to believe to be “The Successful YOU”.

My lovely souls, you need to know that you can do “Everything” in this world, there is no such thing or task that you cannot do, no matter how hard or scary or overwhelming it is. YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING AND ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

You just need to get up right away, take a decision and get going. No looking back, no listening or comparing yourself to others; only working towards what you wanna be and what you want to achieve. Just ignore all the pain, struggles or hardships right now and focus on what you want, which direction you want to walk and which path you wish to choose and then JUST GO FOR IT..!!

And let me tell you one thing, that even if you fail once or twice or let’s say a hundred times, do not cry over it or curse the decision you took, rather celebrate it and be grateful for the failures because these failures will be the one who will take you to the zenith of success in no time and you will realize this when you are at the peak and one day chilling on a beach recollecting your journey and thinking that had you left it then, you would have never seen the glory that you see and feel each day and each moment of your life.

So my dear friends, commit to yourself today to pull yourself out of any hardship and push yourself towards a smile and success which is going to be your loyal partner till the day you take the last breath.

Always remember that you are limitless, strong, worthy and you can do everything..!! Never ever give up.. no matter how hard it gets because as always you have yourself and the almighty with you at every step you take and even if you fall, remember that it is to make you fly at the other step.

I hope that this article has helped you and even if it brings a slight change in your life it would mean the world to me. 🙂

Thank you so much for being there..!! and always remember that I BELIEVE IN YOU..!!

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Abhishek Raghav · February 19, 2019 at 8:50 am

yet another inspiring piece , keep writing

    spectacularscribbles · February 19, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Thank you 🙂

Nagendra · February 24, 2019 at 8:22 pm

A Beautiful write up indeed!


May you have only gains in the times to come!

    spectacularscribbles · February 24, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you 🙂

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