New Year is about to land in our lives and I am so prepared for this wonderful, positive and amazing 2019..!!!!

You must be wondering that I haven’t even stepped into the New Year, then how am I so sure that it is going to be wonderful or amazing..??!!

My dear lovely souls, I know this because I have a feeling that 2019 is actually gonna be great for all of us..!! Also, I want to feel all charged up, refreshed and amazingly happy when I step into 2019 and I am pretty sure that all of us want to do the same.

Can you feel the positive and happy vibes already..???!!!! I am sure you can and you should..!! It’s NEW YEAAARRR…!!!

So without any further ado, let’s get on to how all of us can slay the ossum 2019..!!


New Year is knocking on your door and you gotta open the door with a great level of enthusiasm and excitement, just the way we open our birthday gifts..!! And you know why..??

Because this year has got some great stuff with you in the parcels and you gotta trust me in this because I can already feel the vibes..! 😉

When you begin with “Day 1” of this year, wake up with the best smile of yours and be thankful for a new day, for new beginnings and for a brand new year and as you get out of your bed, be energized to start an entirely new book of your life with all new chapters for you to cherish all your life.

If you start a day with a great attitude and a beautiful smile added with positive vibes you are not only going to have a great day but also a great year ahead- only if you wake up each day with this attitude no matter what the last night gave you. Because if you will not make the best of it.. then who will..!! 🙂


I have mentioned this point in some of my other articles as well because it is worth mentioning again and again. The reason I am saying this is because journaling helps you in a lot of ways, be it personal or professional. It helps you come out of a rut, take decisions and lighten yourself up when you are overwhelmed with loads of negativity and other stuff which pulls you down and is not letting you grow.

So start the practice of journaling every single day, either at night or in the morning, I’ll leave that on you, but you need to start it off to have a peaceful mind and great mental and physical health this year. You can start journaling in a normal notebook, need not have a special journaling book for that if you are not too keen on spending. Thereafter, when you experience the magic of journaling you can definitely opt for a “proper journal” and have loads of them as you live a great life ahead.


Smile is contagious..!! All of us have heard this like so many times, but do we actually absorb it and follow..?? I don’t think so..

But if you have and you are sure about it, thennn- SMILE..!! RIGHT NOW..!!

It feels amazing right..?? I know..! So what you have to do is, follow this “every single day”. The more you smile, the happier and positive you will feel and will end up with great memories, days and finally an ossum 2019.

This year do observe that whenever you smile it will brighten and lighten up so many lives around you and this gesture will make you feel so good and fulfilled within, that after that day you would not want to stop smiling.

When you are happy, people around you stay happy and positive and also the people who love you and care about you feel great to know that you are happy which in turns make them happy and I am sure you would not want to miss a chance to make the people you love “Happy”.

So keep smiling and stay positive this new year..! And yes, don’t forget to spread these smiles.. 😉


I know for some of you 2018 must have been really hard and difficult, but you also need to know that it must have made you stronger and have helped you learn a lot as whenever we are served hardships in life, it is meant to help us learn something new which will be a pillar for us in future and also to make us strong.

This New Year, I want you to look at all those hardships with a new perspective- with a perspective of love, learning, and positivity. I know it is really hard, but YOU CAN DO THIS..! I am very sure. This new perspective will show you a new path towards a great and wonderful life in 2019. It will give you a new ray of hope and the strength to start fresh, to get on with your dreams and start doing what makes you happy.

You gotta make sure that this year, you are going to look at everything with a positive perspective and hold on to that because even the worst situation can have something positive in it, no matter it is so tiny to be overlooked. Sometimes you might feel too low to look at a positive thing or too shattered and that’s OK. You are totally allowed to cry, feel low and cover yourself up with what happened. But NOT FOR TOO LONG, you gotta GET UP and ASK yourself that what was the good thing in that situation or in the entire day which can lift me up and that makes me happy..!! Because none of the days can entirely be Negative.

So this year, let’s pledge to stay positive throughout no matter what and spread the positivity around us to make this world a happy and cheerful place to live..! 🙂


This year be thankful for everything, in fact, every moment you breathe..! because there will be so many who would be taking their last breath or would be on the verge of it and they very well know the worth of each breath that we are blessed with by the Almighty.

Be grateful for whatever you have and for what you are going to receive. Show immense gratitude towards people who make you feel good, make you smile and are there for you. Be grateful for a wonderful family that you are blessed with and, great health.

Gratitude will give you thousand more reasons to be grateful for every single day, once you sit to write them all down you will realize that in one day you have so many things or moments or people to be grateful for and that will make you feel so blessed and happy.

Hence, gratitude leads to a happy and positive attitude which results in a great life and a bright future ahead. So this year, don’t forget to be grateful my lovely souls.


Get hold of your planners and start planning on “How to achieve your goals or your dream life” in 2019. Also, planning alone will not help, you have to act on it accordingly. Therefore, in 2019 all of us are going to achieve if not all the goals then most of them so that when we step into 2020 we know we are halfway there..!

So start planning and take action on achieving your goals and reach your destination of an amazing and successful life and I suggest that we should start with a proper routine wherein we are the most productive while we work hard towards our goals. Start with a positive and focused mindset and then just go on with it without any doubts or questions in mind. You just need to know that you gotta work and achieve what you have decided PERIOD..! And then nobody can stop you from achieving what you have aspired all your life, after some time, not even you.


This year take a decision to keep yourself healthy by eating proper and healthy food. Eating properly is very important not only for your physical health but also for your mental health and home cooked food is the best that you can have when you think of staying healthy and fit.

So this year decide to intake healthy food at least twice a day, however, you can have a cheat day on either of the weekend and fulfill your cravings, this way you won’t stuff yourself with crap that hurts your body on a regular basis and stay healthy at the same time.

Also, never forget to take care of yourself, because if you do not take care of yourself then you will not be able to do justice in terms of your care to the people you love and that doesn’t make anyone happy and we have decided to keep ourselves and everyone around us happy this New Year. So each day of this year take good care of yourself, find ways to keep yourself happy, pamper yourself and develop a routine to help you shed all your worries and tiresome days in those hot water baths or spa days or solo trips or salon visits.

Trust me self-care is going to help you in a long run, hence making you a healthy and amazing human being who knows how to take care of self hence keeping everyone around jolly and smiling. 🙂


Traveling should definitely be in your bucket list when you step into this New Year because traveling helps you deal with a lot of stuff in life.

Traveling helps you as a stress buster, it helps you discover new places and learn about their culture, you get to try different cuisines and one of the most important thing is that you get to spend time with yourself and get to know yourself better. When you travel you are in the happiest mood and very positive that is when you live in the present moment and realize that it is so peaceful when you are in the “Now” and that is when you get time to know yourself better and I think in the best of ways.

So my friends let’s start planning the most memorable trips of our lives ever..!!

These were some tips that I am going to follow in the New Year and thought of sharing with all of you as well because I so want this year to be the best year for every wonderful soul on this planet..!!

I hope these tips help you have the best time ever in 2019.

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year..!!!! May this year bring the best for you.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love.. <3


A positive personality with the excitement to share my views and scribbles with the world..!! just want to see smiling faces and positive vibes all around the globe. LiVe LiFe#KeEp SmIlInG#Be YoU..!!

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