New Year begins with a lot of energy, positivity and great vibes. All of us around the globe are very excited when the New Year approaches and like always we have our resolutions and plans ready to be accomplished and executed.

Having resolutions and plans for the New Year is what we have for ourselves, but the New Year too has some plans for us which is called “The Basket of Suspense” and we have no clue what these hampers have for us, hence the suspense.

All we know is that we got to gear up and get going for the upcoming year, our resolutions and its challenges or rather learnings.

We all have different experiences, meet different people and travel places throughout the year, but one common thing that we all experience is – “The Learnings”. All of us learn something or the other in a year which either changes us or our circumstances, it might be positive or negative, but the learnings are always there to guide us throughout our life.

So today, I want to share my “18 learnings” that I have learned in the year 2018 and let me tell you that this post is going to be slightly longer so grab your coffee and enjoy reading. 🙂


When 2018 had started, I was struggling a lot in my life, be it my career or my personal life. I had a lot of challenges to face and get through successfully.

There was a time when I thought that I cannot fight anymore and I wanted to give up. That is the time when I got to learn a lot of things from some great people through videos and read amazing books which changed my perspective and made me get up and fight again.

Gradually I achieved what I wanted in my personal and professional life and one of the main tools to get there was “Determination”.

So, my friends, determination can lead to wonders in your life. You just need to focus and know that you will get what you aspire no matter what it is and that your desire is not too far. In no time you will be there and the journey that leads you to your desired destination will seem to be a fun-filled journey with tones of learnings which are going to act as pillars for you in life.

You gotta trust me in this peeps because I have been there and experienced the power of determination. 🙂


I know that you have been through tough times, you feel broken and you cannot see any way to get out of it. I know it hurts and you lose faith in yourself and sometimes even in the almighty.

But you need to know that you are way stronger than you think you are, because if you weren’t then you would not be able to handle the sufferings that you had faced or are facing currently. The day you believe this, the level of your sufferings will automatically decrease. Your capacity and strength to face the negative situations in life will increase and soon you will not even realize and the problems will just pass by without harming you much.


Whenever anger hits you, do not let it destroy you no matter what. Anger can lead to stress, anxiety, and regrets which triggers you both mentally and physically.

So whenever you are angry, drink a glass of water, take 5 deep breaths and get to work. Yes..! GET TO WORK, and I am saying this because when you convert your anger to productivity, most of the times you see good results. I have personally experienced this and it works. 😉

Start working towards your goals at that time or some hobby which indulges you completely so that you do not think about your “Anger” anymore.

After some time, you will realize that your anger has vanished and since you were completely focused on what you were doing, you got great results. The only motive here is not to let anger absorb you and hurt.


There are so many great people around the globe who keep on telling us to “Let Go”, along with a lot of valid reasons which are beneficial for us be it mentally or physically.

I know it is easier said than done. Letting go of something or someone is sometimes very difficult, almost impossible; but 2018 has taught me very well that no matter how hard letting go is, you have to do it at one point in life to stop the effects that certain things, situations or people have in your life.

Hence, all of you should get into the practice of letting go, it helps a lot. In the beginning, it will hurt, but later it will soothe you down and you will feel lighter and better. This trait gets more peace and a healthy mind and soul, which means more smiles and fewer sorrows.

Let go of what hurts you, let go of what restricts your happiness and say hello to happiness and healthy life because you deserve it.


Never say that “You will never be able to achieve what you want in life” or “You can never travel the world”. Do not use a negative word in any sentence you speak or in any thought, as it spreads negative vibes around you and a negative message to the Universe, hence manifesting negative results.

Negative words can lead to a bad impact on how you receive challenges in your life or how people look at you.

Always remember that everything is possible in this world unless negative words are not used when we talk or dream. All we need is positivity, belief, and actions which will make every dream possible in your life no matter who tries to stop you or what comes in between, you will be where and how you wished to be.


You will face many situations or people in life who will try to pull you down or your belief to fulfill your dreams or any desire that you have in your bucket list. They will demotivate you indirectly through some or the other way or stop you from what you want to do because it is not you, it is them who do not believe in what you see..!

In such cases, always walk with an “I DON’T CARE” Attitude and this will help you to continue the journey that you had started to get to where you always wanted to be, to reach your destination, to be who you actually “Are’..!!

Do not let other people’s opinion or social media posts or any random situation bring you and your worth down. You and your dreams are much more important and way stronger to deal with these stuff and move on with a bold walk and confident eyes and a day will come when the same people will look up to you and appreciate your position in life.


Being grateful for what you have or what you are going to receive is the biggest step towards a happy and successful life. There have been so many people, videos and books on being grateful that I don’t have a count of; but there are so many people around the globe who love the ritual of being grateful every single day.

Gratitude brings peace and happiness in your life. Being thankful makes you a humble and successful person with a healthy life. When you are thankful for what you have, the Universe will for sure give you 1000 more reasons to be thankful for and this will change your life.


I have been into so many situations wherein I think that the person who is sitting next to me, advising me is absolutely right and not my gut, how can my gut be right, it hardly knows stuff..!!

But no my friend, your gut is always right, way more than the person advising you, because the person might have seen the situation, but your gut knows “You”, “What is good for you” and “The Truth” very well, better than the person who is suggesting you, hence, the direction which you should go for is the one shown by your gut.

Always listen to your gut when you feel stuck in a situation and you need the most valid answer in the world. You will definitely get an answer, the one which will be the best for you in that situation.


I have been to so many places in my country, met different people with different perspectives, different ways of living, beliefs and a lot more and they have taught me a lot of things throughout. Some of the learnings have helped me tackle certain situations in life which could have led to a break down for me.

Living in a different city, away from family teaches you a lot of things and the people you meet either help you or lead you to be more independent either through friendship or through lessons.

I met good and not so good people in that city, but each individual taught me something and these learnings are going to be a great part of my life as they will definitely turn out to be very helpful. Hence, the message here is, wherever you are, whom so ever you meet, always be observant and collect your learnings so that they can be a helpful hand or a guide for you your entire life.


Comfort zones are veryyyy comfortable, I agree, but adding that level of comfort to your life makes you lazy and not up for something interesting, exciting and adventurous, something like taking some risks in life to achieve your dreams.

Step out of your comfort zone my lovely souls to experience the essence of challenges, new people, new habits and a better way of living. Stepping out of your comfort zones makes you energized, ready for any challenges coming up and a “ready to rock” personality which serves you well to achieve whatever you desire in life.


Always have faith in the almighty and in yourself and you will conquer anything in the world that you face.

When I moved to a new city, this belief made me get the job I wanted and be independent. A lot of challenges made me believe that if you are dragged into something or some situation which makes it hard for you to survive or surpass, it is definitely either to make you learn something or make you stronger. In my case, it was both..!

So you never know where you are taken or rather guided for a better life or a better “you” when challenges hit you, just have faith and keep moving forward. You will eventually see that light you always wished for.


No matter how hard it gets, no matter how broken you feel- NEVER GIVE UP..!

You were not made to face that situation to give up, you were there to get up and rise again as a stronger and a better human being. Hence, whenever in life you are triggered by something which hits you so bad that you can’t take it, always know that something great is going to change and that too for your own good. So never ever let yourself break down and get sucked by the negativity of the circumstances or people.

Learn to get up, dust off the negatives and move on.


What we call fear is not exactly fear, it is our mind which tells us that the particular place or situation is scary, hence we do not move ahead. It is the mind which creates it for us, the limiting beliefs and self-doubts which stop us from moving forward.

Therefore, when we do not let our mind rule and decide what is scary and what not, we get the clarity that fear does not exist. Whenever you feel scared to step into something or move ahead with the decision that you wanted so bad, face it- face your fears..! And when you do that you will succeed in failing the fear that existed in your mind and it gets converted to the energy and belief to move forward with what you wanted.


Taking risks is one of the good qualities one should poses. I know it can be dangerous sometimes, but if we will not take risks at all, how will we know that how will a situation turn out to be for us.

Hence, always take risks- good risks and sometimes calculated ones, even if there are chances of loss, as you never know the results might be completely different from what you had thought.

Also, even if the results don’t turn out to be in your favor, you will for sure learn something or get a new way of getting that thing done. Therefore, it’s a win-win..!


When you see a dream or aspire to get a particular job, you get clarity on what you want, hence you plan it all and get going to reach your goals. However, there are times in this journey when in certain situations we deny to take the responsibility and try putting it on others or on certain situations, wherein, we should have been the one to take the responsibility, learn and move ahead with it.

Therefore, always take responsibility for your dreams, the path to your dreams, your life and yourself. Taking responsibility never adds burden in your life, in fact, it makes you stronger, delivers great learnings and for sure leads you to success.


All successful people in this world read books, in fact, a lot of books which have got them where they are today.

Reading helps us in so many ways that it can turn us into a great human being with a great life. Hence, no doubt that books are considered to be our best friends because the way our best friends help us to be the best in whatever we do, similarly books help us learn the best and deliver the best and I think in today’s world books are better than best friends in some aspects.

Be it professionally or personally, even if we do not have anybody around us to guide, books will always be there to show us the right path.

Hence, my dear friends get into the habit of reading and eventually you will see the magic that books get into your life.


Whenever you decide to do something in life in terms of your career, always do what you love and are passionate for, as it will for sure turn out to be a success for you.  

As when you have passion and love for something you will give your 100% to it which will lead to success. You will not stop no matter how many obstacles are introduced in your way, you will keep going until you have achieved what you had dreamt of.

So do what you love and appreciate what you have.


A disciplined life leads to a disciplined path. Now here, I do not mean the “Strict discipline” ones which can suffocate us sometimes, rather the routines that we develop to do whatever we have in our checklists on a particular day and at the same time stay healthy by devoting some time to ourselves.

Having a routine, not only makes you realize the importance of time and teaches you time management but also leads to a structured way of doing your daily tasks and some added ones (if any).

Following a routine keeps you healthy, active and highly productive on daily basis, resulting in a peaceful, positive and happy life.

So here comes the end of my share of learnings that I had in the year 2018 and I think you must have also learned a lot of things this year.

Please do share your learnings with me in the comments below so that we can learn something new from each other for a great 2019..!! 🙂

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year..!!!!!

If you have come this far, thank you so much for reading..!! It means a lot..!! 🙂

Lots of love and care..!!


A positive personality with the excitement to share my views and scribbles with the world..!! just want to see smiling faces and positive vibes all around the globe. LiVe LiFe#KeEp SmIlInG#Be YoU..!!

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