Are you beautiful..?- Yes, No, Maybe..?! This question might have triggered you many times in a day or a week or maybe it is there swirling inside your head the entire month or year. Especially, when you are scrolling down the Instagram feed, looking at those beautiful, “just perfect” images for sure makes us feel that can we ever live such an ossum life or if we could be as beautiful as she is..!

Let me tell you something, this happened to me too..!! And that too quiet often. I was always in doubt if I was pretty or not, if I was adorable for the guys around me, am I cute.. And what not..! But you know what, with time I realized that the beauty that we see around us, especially on social media is not the reality. It is a collection of editing, loads of makeup and yes not to forget the benefits of Photoshop. Hence, in this world of technology, we cannot consider any beauty that is on social media to be “Real”.

Enhancing your beauty through some means, be it technology or surgery, I suppose is not the exact definition of “Being Beautiful”. The actual beauty lies within, it is the compilation of the inner and the unedited outer beauty which completes the complement that “You Are Beautiful”. In fact, even if we compare the inner and outer beauty, the inner beauty takes a major section because you can never be sure about a person by looking at him/her, you need to know them within to be really sure of how they are.

Now here, I do not say that the outer beauty is not important, it obviously is very important as it boosts your self-confidence and makes you bold enough to walk in the crowd. All I want to say is don’t rely only on the outer beauty of a person, be a guy or a girl. Even in our history we have read about a lot of incidents about racism or discrimination on the basis of color, and my question to all these incidents have always been- WHY..?? Why to judge a person on the basis of color which enhances his actual beauty as it is blessed by the almighty. Why to judge a gift given by God.

In today’s world of social media and its influence on so many people on this globe, it is very very important to understand that no matter how you look or what is your skin color or no matter you have specs or braces or even scars and you have no idea about makeup- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL..!!

Never ever limit yourself for a person based on their outer beauty, always step ahead and get to know that person within, because you never know how beautiful that person turns out to be and I am sure the result will be out of your imagination cloud. 😉

It does not matter if you are black or white, if you are thin or fat, or tall or short, you have specs or not, you have blue eyes or not..! what matters is, how honest, loyal and grateful you are from within, because that is the beauty which pours out from your soul and it can never be fake or edited. It is real.

Your comfort in your own skin, your body and your clear mindset to the world, helps people know how beautiful you are. Be confident in your body, be bold enough to carry those scars or blemishes or wrinkles on your skin and wear them as your most precious jewelry. Don’t hide them just because the world will not accept you, if you want to improvise your skin texture, do it, but only if your heart says so and not because the world wants you to.

Your early morning face or your party look or the workload look, whatever it is, you look pretty in all of these. In fact, your early morning face is the most beautiful as it is your natural beauty. The modified beauty is fun but your natural beauty is adorable.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is be grateful for a new day and step in front of your mirror and say to yourself that “You Are Beautiful”. Make yourself believe the truth, absorb the reality.

The day you believe that you are beautiful in every form, the world will automatically accept this reality and will treat you the way you want to be treated. Always remember, that the world treats you and considers you in the same way as you wish to be treated.

Love yourself, adore your beauty, take great care of yourself and wherever you go, even if it is the jungles, be confident enough to breakthrough all false beliefs and be bold enough to walk them over to the reality that you know about yourself.

Never ever listen to what others say about you, always listen to what your heart says because that is the truth as it is a direct message from your soul and your soul can never lie. Every individual on this earth is different and unique, hence they have different identities, goals, beliefs, and skills.

Do you know which is the most beautiful feature of your face..?? Think..

Let me tell you this, the most beautiful feature of your face is “Your Smile”. Yes, your smile is the best form of beauty that you wear on your face. Your smile lights up the mood of your loved ones and brightens up the world. So always keep that smile intact, because if you don’t then the world will lose its shine and the motivation to brighten up and glow..!

So all my beautiful souls out there, I really want you to know that you are very pretty, you are an adorable human being and you are gifted with a special spark which makes you unique..! Never leave it behind and be true to who you are and the world, and see the change in the attitude that people have towards you, because if you do not believe in yourself and your worth, then who will..??!!

So here comes the end of my special message for you beauties and I hope that it will make you feel so better and help you know that you are worth it.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love and care. 🙂


A positive personality with the excitement to share my views and scribbles with the world..!! just want to see smiling faces and positive vibes all around the globe. LiVe LiFe#KeEp SmIlInG#Be YoU..!!


dariasnotes · December 17, 2018 at 6:10 pm

Great post and it’s true that we are all beautiful! 🙂

    spectacularscribbles · December 17, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Thank you so much..!! 🙂
    Yes we indeed are..

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