Many times most of us must have heard this sentence- “Life is What You Make It”. We read it in the books or heard it from someone who aspires to influence the life of others and wish to make a change in this world.

Personally, I follow many people who follow this statement and have given great examples of their life stating the change this statement has got into their lives. And you know what..?? IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE, only and only if you take it in your life and absorb it to the fullest.

There was a time in my life, when my life was an ocean of challenges, struggles, negativity and what not..! I had turned into a person who could not see even an inch of positivity in any situation or beings around me. I went in depression, took a lot of meds, had a lot of heart breaks, saw a complete cycle of terrible struggles and kept on sinking into the devils world.

Now you might be wondering, what is “The devils world”..?? As it sounds too creepy.

Devils world was the world full of self-doubt, disrespect, negativity, the feeling of being lost and no sense of direction; just darkness around me.

Then came a time, which shook me within, that day when I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that my life had turned into what I had never dreamt of..! What was I doing, where was I heading, I had no clue.

Thanks to the almighty, I had gotten into the habit of reading and my hands were on the book “The Power of Positive Thinking”- Norman Vincent Peale, which made me think about my life which could be led to a great direction through positive vibes and attitude.

The day I finished reading that book, something changed and it was “THE DAY” for me..! And you know what, I guess I absorbed the sentence “Life is What You Make It”. I took the responsibility of my thoughts, my life and most importantly of “Myself”.

So my friends, the moral of the short glimpse that I gave you right now of my life is that, you know that you are sick of your life and you very well know that each moment is killing you within, but you do not realize that it is YOU who can change this shitty feel and make your life that you have dreamt of all these years..!

Now how do we do this..??

Get set and get ready to go on a ride with me to the destination named- CHANGE YOUR LIFE..! And yes, not to forget, you need to stop at every station listed down to reach our destination.


Make a list of all the things that make you unhappy or makes you feel that your life does not have a meaning.

Be it anything- Physical appearance, emotional balance, family, friends or your career. It can be anything that you make a list of, just keep writing. You can also follow this as a practice something similar to journaling, till the time you feel that you are free of all the burden in your heart which made you feel sick of your life.

Everyday contribute 15 minutes or write it in a go in one day, it is completely up to you. But please do this task.

Once, you are done with the list, read it thoroughly and think that why every single thing on your list makes you upset. Try figuring out the reason behind your unhappiness by looking at all the angles of that problem or a particular situation or a person. Whatsoever it may be, analyze and then next to those points write your analysis.

After your list and analysis is done, figure out the ways to come out of each point in the list that made you upset as you already are now aware of the root cause of the issues existing in your life.


Now it’s time to write about your ideal life or dream life. Think and be very clear about some of these important questions:

  • What do you want to in life..?
  • Whom do you want to be with..?
  • What makes you so excited to wake up every morning..??
  • Where do you want to see yourself..??

And many more questions that you can think of while sketching your Ideal Life. Be very honest and clear about your questions and your answers because they are very important as they are going to frame the steps that you are going to take from now on to reach the destination named: ”Ideal Life”.

Also, create a vision board in your room and place it where you can see it as the first thing in the morning. Paste every image that motivates you, the images of the celebrities you adore for their success, your dream house, even your attires..! Looking at these every single day will fill you with enthusiasm and positivity to get up and get to work towards your dreams.


Now, since you already know the areas of your life which you need to change or maybe improvise, write them in an order of your priorities; i.e: which is the first thing that you wish to change and then next and next, so on and so forth..

Prioritizing your list of changes makes a difference, as you go step by step with clarity. Also, you know that every step you are taking is for the good, towards what you aspire to be. Ensure to work on one habit at a time, you need not rush because if you execute this process in a hurry, you are going to be stressed and exhausted resulting in coming back to where you had started. Hence, please go slow and be good to yourself.

One more very important thing to keep in mind is to stay true to your priorities, never compromise on the time that you had decided to devote to your improvements and also never let your health suffer, because if you are physically fit then you are good to go for the mental section. So the two very important things to remember is that be completely loyal to your priorities and don’t let your health suffer at any cost.


Always remember that you are not alone in this world and you never were, as someone out there is for sure thinking about you or really cares about you. Also, in terms of your sufferings you are never alone, as someone has already been through all of this, dealt with it and overcome it with flying colors..!!

So the good news for you is that, you can always learn from these people and the best part is they will always be there for you to help. There are a lot of them out there, and I personally follow some who have got drastic changes in my life.

My advice is to read about such people, or watch their YouTube channels, or follow them anywhere on a social networking sites and you’ll get to know that if they were so strong when they were triggered by struggles and they could come out of it successfully, so can YOU..!!


To achieve something in life, you need a plan. Yes, even I have heard that plans don’t work most of the times, but even then it’s good to have one.

Start planning to achieve your dreams, start writing your steps towards that ladder of success and thereafter execute them one by one. Never rush with your plan, always give each step an equal and justified amount of time and this way you will succeed for sure. Make a planner with time and start following it from the next day itself and in no time you will see the results.

Most important section of planning is- Have Faith. Never ever have self-doubts about your plan or your ladder or your dream. Always, have faith in yourself and then in your dreams and this faith will take you to heights that you’ve dreamt of.


Motivation is the key to success. In order to live the life you dream and to achieve your goals you need to stay motivated almost all the time. Hence, you need to figure out what keeps you motivated to go on, to jump out of your bed every morning and get going. Again, before you can get on for a search always remember to believe in your goals..!! I am repeating this sentence in almost every point I have listed in this journey is because it is very important.

Now coming onto the search part, you can always turn towards videos and books in search of your motivation and follow the people or tips and tricks which and who, will give you that boost and make you feel to get on your toes and achieve what’s in your mind.

So yup my friend, let’s get ready to rock and roll as we are going to find one of the best asset towards success- “Motivation”..!!


When you get onto achieve something in your life and especially when it is your dream life, you for sure without any doubts will put in your 200% to get to where you have dreamt to be. Sometimes, you might face some adverse situations in your journey, which might exhaust you or make you feel overwhelmed and you want to give up, at such point in life keep in mind that you are doing the best you can in this situation and never let doubts enter your system, because nobody will like to fall back to square one when travelled these many stations on this journey.

Hence, do not overthink and keep going..!! Don’t let any obstacle in this world stop you at any damn cost..! 🙂


I know very well that you are sailing through a lot, you will get exhausted and would want to just stop and not go ahead or take a break and move on later. You are very well allowed to take a break, but Not Stop.

Taking breaks sometime is a good thing for you and your work, it refreshes you and gives you a fresh kick to get back to work and achieve.

Now, in order to take breaks, the most important question that pops is- what am I supposed to do in these breaks..?? And the answer to this is- Do what you love to do in your free time.

Also, I have some options for you:

  • You can listen to music as music is a great stress buster..!
  • You can read your favorite books
  • Watch a movie or series
  • Meditate- MUST
  • Art- paintings or doodling can also be of great help.

I hope these options can be of some help to you. 🙂


Most of the times what is stopping people from achieving their dreams is just one thing- FEAR. We have given such great power to fear that it has taken up our dreams, our desire to be something, to be someone and it does not let us move ahead at all.

But you know one thing, you can fail the fear..! Yes, you can.! If you FACE IT.

Remember that fear has got the power till the time you don’t face it, till the time you don’t look at it in the eyes and say “Hey Buddy..! ssup..!” Seconds, and the fear will vanish, it will go away then and there as if it never existed and there you go.. You are free from that fear, free to take a step ahead to your wish, move on to achieve.

Fear is never ever greater than your abilities. It can never be, because fear is in your mind and you know yourself better than the fear watching you. Whenever fear triggers you, at any point in life, just walk straight up to it and face it, and you’re done. You are finally free of the bar that was stopping you to move towards your goals.


Live a life that makes you feel great and happy every single morning when you wake up. A life that makes you feel enthusiastic and positive every moment of your life.

“Follow your dreams”, “Do what you love”, “Have faith”, “Be grateful”, “Live every moment to the fullest”, “Stop being what others told you to be- Just Be Yourself..!”

But along with focusing on yourself in this journey, focus on others too. This will make you feel and understand that how important you are for some people, that how much you were needed to be with them. You will see the gifts that almighty has gifted you to offer to this world and hence, will help you find a meaning in life.


When you wish to change someone, or certain scenarios, you should always first look at yourself and your perspectives that what do you think about him/her or the scenario that you wish to change. You should always empathize by keeping yourself in the same situation and analyzing your reaction towards the other person. This will give you a better understanding of “Change”.

As it seems that changing others is easy according to how you want them to be or how you want a particular situation to turn out. But, when you look at yourself and try changing yourself, you know then, that how difficult it is. Since, it is so difficult to change yourself, imagine how difficult will it be to change others.

So my friends, my advice to you here is that change the way you look at some people, or something’s in life. I am not saying “all”, but start with “some”. Just get a little shift in your perspective and you will notice the difference. It is going to take a lot of courage to do this, you will need to face your fears and be confident, you will need to be happy and contented with who you are and the most important thing before you give a kick to this shift is to – Forgive Yourself. It is completely fine to make mistakes, because we are humans and we do make mistakes, it is ok..!

People are going to step away from you, they are going to judge you and in fact they will try to stop you. But you just have to do one thing- Do Not Stop Being Yourself and Confident in your shoes..! Learn to say no, learn to embrace your scars and your body. The people who will know you well and would genuinely want to stay with you will be standing beside you.


To conquer the world, to achieve your dream life and be who you are, you need to know yourself. You need to be very clear about your strengths and weakness, your qualities, your abilities, your talents, everything that you have, be it good or bad because nobody is perfect.

Always remember to be the change, before you wish to change something. Lead your life with the best you can and take responsibility for every single situation in your life. Stop the blame game, because it is you who has taken a decision at some point to be there and hence the consequences be it good or bad.

Be the lead you wish to see in yourself and live every moment if your life as it was your last.

So at the end of this article, I would just say that along with following these tips learn from your own experiences as well, it is worth it.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you.

Thanks for reading..!! 🙂

Lots of Love and Care.

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