There was a time when I knew how to take really good care of the people I love; but, there was no way I knew how to take care of myself.

Least did I know that if your cup is empty, how will you fill the other cups in your basket.  In other words, my cup of giving care to the people I love was getting to the verge of emptiness which lead to the hollow feeling within.

The books I read then, which became my best friends, made me realize that I need to take care of myself first and then deliver it to others, cse if I don’t know how to love and take care of myself, how will I do justice to others..!!

That is when I stepped into the world of Self Care, and today the tips I am going to share with you are from my personal experience and they do wonders..!!

You Don’t believe me?

Try it yourself!

So without further delay, let’s get on to the tips..!!

1. Positive affirmations

Every morning when you wake up, step in front of the mirror and say “I Love you” to yourself, or any positive affirmation that you wish to bless yourself with. Follow this ritual for 21 days and you will notice the difference within self and around you.

Positive affirmations are very important in life. They give us the faith and confidence to move ahead in life with the boon of loving ourselves.

2. Read everyday

Reading is something which when undertaken as a habit, can turn into one of the best thing that happened to you. This also leads to the learning path, as, through reading anything you like, you will for sure learn something which will definitely add up to your dreams and life in one way or the other.

Reading for minimum 30 minutes every day can change your perspective towards the day and your life.

Yes, you read it right, 30 minutes can make a difference..!!

3. Take yourself out and meet people

Going on dates is fun and adventurous at times, but taking yourself out for a date is altogether a different experience. If you do justice to this, I doubt you will like to go on dates with a guy (just kidding..).

Taking yourself out, maybe on a coffee date or meeting your friends or new people for coffee or maybe dinner, can make a lot of difference in your mood and attitude. It leads to high vibes which in turn flips a dull day to one of the best one.

4.Wake up early and meditate

Waking up early and meditating is one of the practices which is followed by many successful people and the reason behind this is that waking up early gifts you with extra hours to work for your dreams and meditating gifts you with immense peace within.

So add this practice in your morning routine and notice the difference..!!

5.Journal and gratitude list

Journals can be your best friends just like your books. Writing about your dreams that you wish to manifest or the way you feel in a journal can make a huge difference in your mood and life. It contributes to a great level of internal peace.

Gratitude list a must..!! This is something which cannot be missed any day. Start with writing 10 things you are grateful for in your life, and you will notice that being thankful for anything or everything in your life gives you thousand more reasons to be grateful for.

6. Prepare healthy food

Healthy food is a boon to your body and your body said to be a temple of the Holy Spirit and hence, deserves to be treated well. Feeding your body with junk on a regular basis can lead to health issues and it also contributes to mood swings leading to stress and anxiety.

Hence, cook healthy food at home and feed your body with the best to lead a healthy and happy life.

7. Pamper yourself

In this world of hustles and the rush to achieve your dreams you deserve a break and need to pamper yourself.

Once in a week, be it on a weekend or weekday, pamper yourself with a hot water bath or skin and body care and give yourself that luxurious time that your body and mind aspires for, which is mostly referred to as the “Me Time..!!”..

You can do whatever you wish to on the “Pamper Day” which benefits your body and mind and your body will thank you for this.

8. Make a list of goals and follow your dreams

As stated by “Eleanor Roosevelt: The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams…!”

All of us have dreams as we grow, however, having dreams and fulfilling them is a different story altogether.

Hence, make a list of your goals and start taking action towards achieving your goals or dreams. There is never a right time to start. “Right Now” is the right time to begin walking on the path of your dreams. Do not let anything stop you from being what you desire..!!

9. Stop overthinking

Overthinking can lead to anxiety and stress hence contributing to the ill effects on our mind and body.

Never overthink about anything in life. There is always a way you can figure out stuff, because if there is an existing problem there has to be a solution to it. Therefore, utilize your time in figuring out the solution and not overthink about it. Sometimes, some things or instances are so petty in life that they do not require your precious time, they are meant to pass by and move on.

So stop overthinking right now and live your life..!!

10. Stop comparing yourself to others

You are unique in your own way..!! Never do the injustice of comparing yourself to others, because if the comparison was meant to be then you would not have been born with a unique identity and the special skills or strengths that you possess or someone else who would be exactly like you internally and externally would be there on earth.

However, such scenario does not exist..! Therefore, it’s a request, please stop comparing yourself with others. Just remember, you are special and a unique soul and you have your own purpose on this earth.

Love yourself and embrace your path.

11. Follow the path of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very important practice that one should follow in their life. Keeping a grudge or anger against someone affects you the most and not the person with whom you are angry or upset. These feelings of anger, resentment or unhappiness leads to a negative effect on our body and mind, hence, affecting us majorly and no one else.

Therefore, please start following the practice of forgiveness, let that anger go, let it leave your mind and body, leaving you peaceful and happy with the light heart that you have after you learn to let go.

12. Don’t judge your life based on social media

Social Media is not the reflection of a perfect life. The pictures or stories that we see which appear to be so glamorous and perfect are mostly edited. Also, those next to perfect pictures or stories does not reflect a perfect life of a person, as you have no clue what is being served by life to that person in the pic who seem to be so happy right now.

Hence, never judge your life based on the way others reflect theirs. This is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself. So please stop right now with the judgment and comparison and start living your life the way you want to, i.e.: with a healthy and positive mind-set.

As mentioned in the 10th point- Love yourself and embrace your path.

13. Exercise regularly

As I mentioned in the 6th point, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and it deserves to be treated with the best practices that one can opt for.

Exercising is one of the practices which leads to a healthy and fit lifestyle and contributes on a large scale towards the well being of your body. Hence, if the body is healthy and fit it automatically leads to a positive and happy mind set leading to a fun-filled and peaceful life. Also, workout acts as a stress buster for many people.

So make a work out regime and get going with your shoes on towards a healthy and happy lifestyle..!!

14. Say yes to service

Serving others is one of the biggest contribution you can make towards the world. Pick up any of the skills that you possess and help others attain the best through your skills and service.

Contribute to the world, cse the world needs us, all the wonderful souls out there needs us, and the best services that we can facilitate them with.

Start small but start contributing, and you will notice the happiness and inner peace you will feel while delivering the service.

15. Be you..!!

last but not the least, the most important point among all is “Being yourself…!”.

Embrace your flaws, love your marks, live the life you are blessed with, take those chances that scare you to reach your goal and there..!!  There you will find yourself standing at the peak of happiness, peace, contentment and a successful life. Because if you cannot love yourself, then who will..?? If you cannot respect yourself, then who will..?????

Begin the journey of loving yourself right now..!! It’s never too late… as there is no one like you and would never be. 

So these were the 15 points that I cherish for Self Care and they have been contributing well towards my life.

I would suggest all of you to please try these and let me know how well did they work for you..!!

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