There are so many people out there who wonder and question themselves that are they at their best..?? And this question leads to further more questions and self-doubt and at the end what we see is “Giving Up”.

  • Why do we give up?
  • Why are we not sure?
  • Have any of us thought about it?

To our surprise, every individual has been there, questioned themselves, however, only a few succeeded. The main reason behind this success was “NEVER GIVING UP..!!”.These people never thought of giving up and just kept moving forward.

The good news is being the best version of yourself is “EASY..!!” followed by one condition,; i:e, Have faith and never give up.

So peeps, not to worry, as I am here for your rescue and have 11 tips in my basket to help you get on that boat of success and get away from the rough waves of doubt and struggle.

Let’s get on to the tips!

1. Never be afraid of rejections

There are many people who got rejected several times, but the major role a person plays is when he gets up every time and decides to go ahead with another opportunity, no matter the count of rejection.

Always consider rejection as a learning and a positive challenge to improvise yourself. Never ever take up rejection on self as a failure, never do that..!! It pulls you down. From this moment, inculcate the habit of taking rejection as a learning and then, the growth that you will see within you (which is the most important) and in your life will be tremendous.

2. Have Faith

Always have faith in yourself..!! Always believe that you are born to succeed, have that confidence in you to learn, grow and rise.

Nobody in this world got success served in a platter. Every individual who is known to be successful in this world started with having faith in themselves and the confidence to succeed.

Consider this as your first step and get going champ..!!

3. Stop procrastinating right away

Procrastination- a very very common trait in humans, and this trait is not at all good for neither your professional nor personal life. Procrastinating, especially when we know that we can do it..!! Is the worst.

So my friends, stop procrastinating right now..!! Make a plan, write it down and get going with the steps that you have to take to make it to the top. You know you deserve it, Right..??!!

4. Stop negative self talk

  • “I am not good enough”,
  • “I am good for nothing”,
  • “People are better than me” so on and so forth…

These sentences are termed as “Negative Self Talk”, which is a big NO NO people..!! Nothing worse you can do to yourself than a negative self-talk. And why talk negative about self, I mean common you know you are unique, you know you are different, then why be so hard on self..?!

STOP IT..!! Right now, and start believing in yourself, start blessing yourself with those wonderful affirmations that you deserve. Listen to positive affirmations daily, make it a habit and give yourself few days to this magic. It will do wonders..!!

5. Learn to take help from others

Taking help from others was never a bad thing to do, it was just portrayed in a negative way by some people which affected others.

Whenever, you think you really need help from someone who is good at something that you are yet to learn or you are facing difficulties with, always step up to take help, do not overthink about taking help from people.

This adds up to a good nature of an individual and also contributes towards your learning, as when the other person helps you, you will for sure grasp some tricks and techniques to do that task. 

6. Stay in Shape

Staying in shape helps to grow the confidence level in you. In fact, for some people their confidence booster is being fit. Also, if you are healthy and fit your body will help you cope with stress in a great way and also help fight illness.

Exercising regularly helps you stay fit and happy in a long run, gifting you with great skin and hair as a bonus. In short your body is healthy internally and externally.

7. Learn something new everyday

Learning is a boon for an individual, the more you learn the more you grow personally and professionally. Learning something new every day is one of the best habits a person can inculcate in their routines.

Successful entrepreneur – Bill Gates reads a lot and ensures to learn something new every day.

So start learning something every day through books, videos, podcasts, whatever you prefer and see yourself grow as a learned and successful individual.

8. Motivational videos

Videos are something through which a lot of people adapt faster and learn. I am one of them, I learn and adapt in a better way through videos than audios.

Whenever you need motivation, or you feel stuck and want a fresh start, or you wish to learn, or go through some tips and tricks of successful people, you can always hit those amazing videos uploaded on the internet.

Specifically you can watch TED Talks on YouTube or follow any motivational channel and watch their videos every morning. The boost that you will get to kick start your day through those videos will be refreshing and generate high vibes leading to a great day ahead.

9. Help others in becoming their best

If taking help from others is a good gesture, helping others is a “great” gesture. Once, you know that you are half way the journey of your achievement, try to help others to cope that path which you questioned sometime back.

The satisfaction and pleasure that you get when you lend a helping hand to the needy cannot be expressed in words. Hence, I would suggest to do it and then experience the bliss of helping people. Also, never forget to be grateful for the quality that God has gifted you to help people.

10. Gratitude

Gratitude is the key to success and a happy life. One can forget any chore or anything in life, but should never forget to be grateful for every single thing or qualities that you are blessed with every single day.

In fact, you should also be grateful for the hard times in your life as they helped you grow mature and learn a lot.

Always maintain a gratitude journal and write at least 10 things that you are grateful for on a daily basis. Maintaining a gratitude journal not only makes you feel good but it also helps to make you realize that you have so many things to be grateful for on daily basis.

To be honest, I can go on and on about gratitude because the wonders and changes it brings to your life cannot be explained through words. So, I would suggest to start the journey of being grateful and experience the wonders of gratitude.

11. Start right now..!!

Last but not the least, just get going my friends..!!

Do not waste a single second to give a second thought and just begin with the journey of bringing out the best version of yourself.

Get a journal, start writing your dreams or goals and begin with the ways that you wish to adopt, learn, grow and be successful.

So this was an end to the tips I had for you. I hope they will get the best in you and for you.

Good Luck! & Remember I believe in you.

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