“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
– Cesare Pavese

One night, sitting outside my room at a hill station I was watching the lanterns lit in those houses which were located far away on another hill. It seemed, as if the people there were celebrating, by lighting those beautiful lanterns. The cold breeze, my favorite tea and my best friend “myself”, made this more special. I sat there for hours, wondering how adorable this could be. I could actually feel the positive aura surrounding the place, the magnificent lanterns, the beautiful feel of the nightfall and the blessing which led me to this peaceful and amazing place.

The time stopped for me and every inch of that place seemed like heaven. Every bit of that place was carved inside me forever and this was all because of those ‘moments’.  The moments I had in every minute of those long spent hours.

‘Moments’; we often use this word in our dialogues and it is a part of our daily lives. We quite often say “what a special moment it was..!!”, “Those moments left me Awestruck..!!” and the exclamations go on and on.

But, have we ever realized what importance this word holds in our lives. It is these ‘moments’ that we have which give us the privilege to feel something or someone or realize something or make memories which are forever cherished. It makes us realize the importance of our present. For instance, a cup of tea or coffee, with oneself can strike you with a moment which could be an idea, thought or just again a memory which was created by some other moment and yet again leaving you smiling and overwhelmed..!!.

The warmth, the happiness and the special feelings that we receive from these moments are so pleasing and wonderful, that sometimes we are left speechless. Although, certain moments come out to be a lesson for us, they too add up to a new creation of oneself, a new “YOU”..!!

Considering a new creation of yourself and of your destiny, a similar thought has been shared by Tony Robbins stating,

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Well said..!! the decisions that you take in a moment, can push you through or pull you back, hence shaping your destiny. When we take a decision in the heat of the moment we do not realize the aftermaths of the same, however, somewhere deep within we know where we are heading to.

My friends, be it decisions or feelings, relationship or self-creation, moments are the ones which hold an immense importance in our lives.

Moments revive the aspirations in us, they always give us a reason to feel and cherish something new and worth, no matter if it comes out to be a lesson. They give us the most beautiful opportunity, and that is to relive the memories we had created through those moments. You just need to hold yourself back and feel the beauty, peace and the special spark that these moments come up with.

You never know what they have got for you, they may leave you with beautiful memories, just the way I was left with, to cherish my entire life, or they may get you something, which ‘CHANGES YOU FOREVER’..!!

I would just say, for once, hold yourself back for some time and feel the moments you are blessed with. You will then begin to feel them and make memories that were gifted to you by those special “moments”. You will live your present, creating a lovely future full of happiness, gratitude and peace.

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” –Ashley Montagu


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